1998 750 Honda Shadow Custom Owners Manual download

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Can fix it – let us help. The color combo that would have been featured here, had we not got rained on. As light as the morning precipitation was, a rainsuit seemed silly, and surely jeans and a leather jacket would be enough. However, at the crest of the peninsula, El Nino let his wrath be felt. A full-on downpour of Florida- like proportions dropped from the sky, without the benefit of gulf-stream warmth. Suddenly, wearing geeky-looking Gore-Tex seemed like a very good idea. Riding through six inch deep floodwaters at about 15 mph, the Aero kept a very even keel. 2018 Tahoe Brake Manual download on this page.

1998 750 Honda Shadow Custom Owners Manual

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The floorboards (first ever on a Honda) kept the feet drier than they would have been otherwise. After a brief stop at a military museum, we headed back to Honda’s HQ for a van ride to lunch at Hollywood’s House of Blues. Detail 101: Witness the huge chrome headlight/speedo assembly, with matching idiot lights set into the triple clamp. We couldn’t form much of a riding impression from our rain-soaked 30 mile jaunt, but we liked what we found. If you’re a big fan of the ACE 750, you’ll be a big fan of the Aero. Although the styling is not ground-breaking, it isn’t a carbon copy of you-know-who (hint: They’re based out of Milwaukee).

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