1999 Dodge Diesel Truck Manual download

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1999 Dodge Diesel Transmission

View all 27 consumer vehicle reviews for the 1999 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 on Edmunds. The diesel with the manual has never gave me a. MANUAL Trans tough truck. Dodge RAM 1999 Workshop Manual 3500 Truck 2WD V8 5.9L.html. 2011 Dodge Ram Diesel Owners Manual (174 Pages) (Free) 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel Owners Manual.

Was shifting gears on I-44 on ramp to get up to speed so I could merge with the flow of traffic. When I put the truck into fifth gear it felt as if I had shifted into neutral. download Massey Ferguson 250 Manual.

Was able to go to next exit driving in fourth gear so I could get the truck back home. Couldn't go over 55 mph in fourth gear plus didn't know if driving the truck like this was going to cause more problems.

Called a few people I knew that had heard others say that the nut that goes onto the fifth gear shift rod would often back off. I took the truck to a mechanic and had them take the transmission apart to see if this is what happened. Sure enough when he split the tail shaft off the nut was just hanging on the shift rod. I went to a local Dodge dealership and purchased the new and improved lock nut that Dodge came out with to fix the problem. This cost me about 65 dollars and another 530 dollars to pay for the labor involved. The old nut was left in the scrap metal pile at the mechanic's shop.

- Duke, MO, USA. The consumer has had to replace the fifth gear twice since owning the vehicle. The first time it was replaced at around 30000 miles.

The second time it was replaced around 60000 miles. The vehicle is mostly driven on the highway. There was no prior warning to the gear failure. The consumer was driving on the highway with the vehicle in fifth gear when it failed. The vehicle felt as if it were in neutral so the consumer had to down shift to fourth gear. All of the other gears worked except for the fifth gear.

download Daewoo Lanos Workshop Repair Manual there. - Muncie, IL, USA. While driving at any speed and without warning, applied on brakes and vehicle would pull to the left or right.

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