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Bio Sculpture Gel System Training Manual

Prerequisite: Bio Sculpture Gel Certification Course. This course is designed for Nail Technicians who have previously completed the Gel Certification Course and wish to refresh their knowledge and skills to include the Bio Sculpture LED Gel System Course Fee: Contact Educator – Course fee includes 2013 Training Manual Requirements/Materials: 1) Bio Sculpture Products – purchase of the Diamond Kit is recommended. download Bobcat Rotary Cutter Manual. 2) Bio Sculpture LED-UV Lamp 2) No Model Required Course Outline: Product Knowledge, Nail Preparation, Nail Plate Analysis & Client Consultation, Gel Spectrum & Choosing the correct gel, Nail Treatment Products, Four Layer Color Overlays, French Overlays, Five Layer Overlays (correcting shape and adding strength), Gel Fills, Silk Repair, Gel Removal, C-Curve & Nail Shape Correction, Introduction to Sculpting with Free Edge Gel, Troubleshooting, Retailing.

BIO SCULPTURE GEL EDUCATION IS KEY Bio Sculpture Gel, the proven leader in all categories: * Appearance * Health * Durability * Simplicity * Ease of removal Just like skin and hair, our nails are unique and should be treated according to their individual condition and type. Bio Sculpture is the only nail care system to offer Gel treatments that specifically match your nails, ensuring a long lasting, healthy result that suits you and your lifestyle. Bio Sculpture Gel has a tailored nail care solution suitable for ANY NAIL TYPE. 2017 Grand Prix Manual download more. download Gujarati Solutions Manual torrent. In order to provide the correct treatment, it is important for the professional manicurist understand nail terminology, nail types and conditions, the client’s lifestyle and activities, master application techniques and much more – therefore, training and education is key. Bio Sculpture Gel is the only nail care system where knowledge gained during training can be implemented by equipping the nail technician with a complete spectrum of appropriate Gels in order to treat any nail type and non-medical condition successfully. HANDS ON TRAINING The internationally recognized Bio Sculpture Gel certification is a testament to our proud, skillful, and competent Professional Nail Technicians.

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