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Cylinder Head (Continued) Engine X 18 XE, X 20 XEV, C 22 SEL C 20 SEL Valve Dimensions Valve lengths - Production Intake valve mm 101.90 to 102.30 102.20 Exhaust valve mm 92.05 to 92.45 92.30 Valve lengths - Service Intake valve mm 101.50 to 101.90 101.70 Exhaust valve mm 91.65 to 92.05 91.90 Diameter of the valve head Intake valve mm 31.90 to 32.10 31.90 to 32.10 Exhaust valve mm 28.90 to 29.10 28.90 to 29.10 Valve seat angle at valve head Intake valve ° 90 ° 40' 90 ° 40' Exhaust valve ° 90 ° 40' 90 ° 40'. download free Dinesh Class 9 Science Lab Manual. Cylinder Head (Continued) Engine X 18 XE, X 20 XEV, C 20 SEL, C 22 SEL Valve dimensions (Continued) Valve stem diameter Standard size K Intake valve mm 5.955 to 5.970 Exhaust valve mm 5.945 to 5.960 Oversize K1 (0.075) Intake valve mm 6.030 to 6.045 Exhaust valve mm 6.020 to 6.035 Oversize K2 (0.150) Intake valve mm 6.105 to 6.120 Exhaust valve mm 6.095 to 6.110 Valve guide inside diameter Standard size K mm 6.000 to 6.012 Oversize K1 (0.075) mm 6.075 to 6.090 Oversize K2 (0.150) mm 6.150 to 6.165.

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