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We have a couple big SNK horizontals 5axis head/head with Fanuc31i (edit: SNK could be B5) that run G43.4 no problem. I ran these for one year. Set tool to whatever, measure, TOL comp and go. Now we also have 2 big Okuma Millac 5axis Verticals head/head with the same Fanuc 31i A5. But these machines are being programed from the pivot point instead of the tool tip. I have been told for months that these had older software that could not use G43.4.

Fanuc Series 31i Model A5 Manuals

Therefore we must set TOL to +. download Winchester Model 37a 20 Gauge Manual torrent. 01. That is a pain in itself but not my focus. Our real problem is our catia post is outputting feed rates in inverse time/G93 is causing scrap. The feed rates varies from F950. To.5 block to block. When watching, the machine moves along find for half the tool path, then starts creeping at F.5, but in inverse time so actual is F.04.

download Evinrude 6102e Manual. Hello, I have been asked to look at the option list for our new Fanuc 31i A5 controller and decide if there are any options that we need to add right now, because they say it is more expensive to add them later.

Supreme Spa Manual download on this page. After 2 minutes of this slow feeding a Soft Thermal is alarmed, head drops, part scraps. This morning programmer who also wrote our post told me he thought we could program from tooltip G43.4 instead of pivot point we could loose G93/inverse time and all would be well. All the 5axis guys in our shop have been asked to moved temporarily to this cell and runs these machine 24hrs for the next 3 weeks. 1st week in we have made little progress.

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