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No notes for slide• • • • Brief excursus to the multidimensionaldatamodel.ThemultidimensionaldatamodelisanintegralpartofOn-LineAnalyticalProcessing, or OLAP(ROLAP). Analystposesiterativequeriesduringinteractivesessions, notinbatchjobsthatrunovernight.Because OLAP ison-line, itmustprovideanswersquickly. Andbecause OLAP isalsoanalytic, thequeriesarecomplex. Sap business objects 4 quick start manual • 1.

Business Objects User Manual

BOG* *SAP BusinessObjects Guide 1 Dmitry Anoshin • 2 DWH (Oracle) Source Data History Complete track of source data changes, even if source system does not support it. download Vanguard 21hp Service Manual more. Can be used for auditing and deep investigation Integrated Data Layer Connection of data across different source systems in a normalized schema allows deeper analysis. download Fundamentals Of Heat Transfer Solutions Manual.

Sap business objects 4 quick start manual. 7 BI launch pad Header panel The header panel displays the name of the user account that is. SAP Business Objects 4.2.

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