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CRAWLER CRANE OPERATOR’S MANUAL. 2.4 Technical data. Operator’s Manual for Crawler CraneOperator’s Manual for Crawler Crane.

download free Generac 4000xl Generator Parts Manual on this page. Superior Performance Powerful Lifting Capacity The 260 ton crawler crane adopts tier 3 engine with rated power of 242kw (324hp)@2100rpm, rated torque of 1424Nm@1500rpm; the maximum lifting capacity of boom is 1470.4t•m (183.8t × 8m) and the longest boom length is 86m, maximum lifting capacity of luffing jib is 1125t•m (62.5t × 18m) and the longest boom combination is 62 m+63m. New Lift Operating Condition Design The operating condition of 20m boom + 12m heavy fixed jib is adopted to meet the lifting requirement of shield machine used for subway construction and similar products. The auxiliary hook is larger enough to lift the heavy object up to 96t. The load moment limiter indicator can dynamically reflect the loading capacities of main and auxiliary hooks. Efficient Self-Handling Technology The mast can be easily lifted, and the clutch traction winch reeving operation can be done simply by pressing one button; it can support the machine self-disassembly; the quick-change rope connectors and winch rope head can be used. Safety and Reliability Safe Control System Switch between the operation and installation modes ensures the safety, and the crane's functions including real-time display of machine levelness, off-line stop, emergency electric control, lightning protection, and closed-circuit monitoring are highly convenient and reliable. Reliable Function Guarantee Sufficient safety margin in structural and mechanical design; the control system runs stably even in extreme cold / hot weather, high altitude and sandy regions. Engineering Mechanics Dynamics Mcgraw Hill Solutions Manual download free.

Fox And Mcdonald 7th Edition Solution Manual download. Fasa Star Trek Ship Construction Manual download. Large Chassis Design The large chassis with a 6.7m track gauge ensures excellent stability within 360° rotation; powerful traveling traction and stability maximize the 260 ton crawler crane's advantages to the most. Reliable Transmission System Advanced hydraulic components and load feedback control technology with independent property rights can ensure the stable and reliable operation of hydraulic system. High Return & Low Cost Global Transportation The transport weight of main machine is limited within 45 tons, the transport width is less than 3m and the transport height is less than 3.2m, thus saving the transport cost significantly. Convenient Maintenance It takes no more than 10min/person to adjust, 30min/person for daily maintenance and 2h/person to repair the machine. GPS remote monitoring system is optional for maintenance and management. Large Fuel Tank Design The fuel tank capacity is 1050L, which is greatly increased compared with the old models (400L), avoiding refueling frequency. Wide Adaptability The 260 ton crawler crane complies with the non-road Stage III emission standards of Europe and America, and can be widely used in boat building, subway construction, metallurgy and infrastructure.

Sany Crawler Cranes Technical Manual

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