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Furukawa Cleaver Manual

• FTS-B423-3 Issue 3:Oct. 2013 S326 Precision Cleaver Operating Instructions ・ Please read entire manual prior to usage.

The FITEL brand, conceived from 'Furukawa Information Technologies and Telecommunications', was launched in 1974 by the Furukawa Electric Company, a pioneer in the development of optical fiber cable.

・ This manual must be kept with the S326 Precision Cleaver. Safety Instructions This manual contains the complete operating and basic maintenance instructions for the S326 Precision Cleaver. • 0.25mm pitch 2 to 12 fiber S326S80 is a cutting instrument cleaver designed only for single fiber whose optical fiber diameter is 80μm. Please use S326A or S326B for regular 125μm single or ribbon fiber cleaving task. Operating instructions 4.1.

download free 2016 Road Glide Owners Manual. • ATTENTION:During cleaving operation, please do not touch ' Lid ' and ' Pinch roller lid '. (※1)S326B does not have pinch roller and waste bin box.

3) Open both main body and fiber adaptor lids and remove the fiber from the unit. • When the function cannot work, even if after cleaning the pinch roller with alcohol, contact local service to replace the pinch roller with a new one at customer’s expense.(※1). download Vector Spot Light Manual torrent. download free Honda Fit 2004 Owner Manual more. (※1)S326B does not have pinch roller and waste bin box.

Fusion Splicer Fitel KIT: S178A V2 + S326 Cleaver KIT FITEL S178A - The S178A Hand-Held Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer has been enhanced and updated to version 2. The S178A is fast and durable, it continues the FITEL tradition of quality and excellence by delivering precise and accurate splices even under rigorous field conditions. The S178A is equipped with a core alignment system that can complete a splice in 7 seconds (semiauto mode) and an integrated heater which can shrink a protection sleeve in 25 seconds (pre-heat mode). The USB 2.0 mini interface speeds up PC communication and image / video transfer, whilst enhancing reliability.

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