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Hino 2016 Engine Manual

Hino’s research and development in engines and components is world class, and the results show: Hino engines are among the highest rated for longevity on the market. That means lower costs for operation. Unique to Hino’s engine design is their low requirement for oil - up to 26% less than other OEM’S! Combined with extraordinarily long change intervals for oil (up to 20,000 miles) the efficiency and capacity of fluid and parts becomes a critical aspect of not just maintaining, but getting the most out of your Hino truck.

Mitsubishi Colt 1999 Manual download free there. Hino Genuine Parts are engineered for Hino trucks and are matched to the requirements and components of the engine. download Case 595 Operators Manual torrent. The bottom line? download Chrysler Marine 318 Service Manual torrent. If you're not using PURE HINO Genuine Parts, you're not maximizing your vehicle's potential. 2016 F350 Powerstroke Diesel Service Manual download free there. ENGINEERED FOR YOUR HINO TRUCK Hino LLC EX-PLUS is a high performance ethylene glycol base Long life coolant engineered specifically for Hino trucks.

Formulated to work specifically with the metals and and non metal materials in Hino engines, Hino Blue and Pink Coolants not only reduce cavitation erosion but provide long life protection for all models. 500,000 MILE CHANGE INTERVAL: CONVENTIONAL Hino Blue Coolant for Hino’s Conventional Models (238-338) provides a 4 year/500K change Interval 360,000 MILE CHANGE INTERVAL: CAB-OVER Hino Pink Coolant for Hino’s Cab-over Models (155-195) provides a 3 year/360K change Interval CLIMATE CONTROL: Hino Genuine Coolants have excellent anti-freeze performance and over-heat prevention for all climates. CLIMATE FRIENDLY: Coolant does not contain the inhibitors (silicate, amine, nitrite, and etc.) which may cause environmental issues & problems in cooling systems.

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