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Kerry Ag Lathe Manual

Hi Well I have discovered a odd thing about the Kerry, maybe Kerry did this for some reason. There is a layer of cork between the bed and the base. download free X2 2100 Service Manual on this page. This pic is from the lathes uk site. My Kerry also has a 3/16' thick cork gasket as indicated on the pic. If it isn't cork, then its some kind of insulation. Edited By hth on 13:55:18 Edited By hth on 13:56:10 Hi Hth, This interested me because i too have seen this type of material before, it's an unusual kind of gasket which is kind of like moulded 'rubber impregnated cork' material. I have these on a B56 imperial framed motor and i think it's for insulation purposes.

Reading Kerry lathe manual online or downloading. In addition to this ebook, on our website you can read the. Looking for help with a Kerry 11' AG mark 3 Lathe. Kerry 5. download 2018 Predator 50 Owners Manual torrent more. download Honda Motorcycle Common Repair Manual torrent. 5 Inch Lathe Type AG Instruction Manual & Parts List. Approximately 40 pages dealing with, installation, lubrication, bearings adjustments, feedbox, saddle & slides, extra equipment, sectional drawings with detailed parts list & parts numbers.

Michael W Hi Michael Thanks for the reply Would the cork upset the process of leveling the bed and keeping the bed level. The lathe bed would be sitting on a lump of jelly? Isn't it just a gasket to prevent coolant going down the fixing bolt holes? I set my lathe on a bead of silicon between the bed and the drip tray for the same purpose.

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