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Hello all, I have recently acquired a Mariner 6hp from 1996 which I bought along with a small sailing boat earlier this year. I have seen the motor run and know that it has only run for about 100 hours (laid up for a number of years). Here comes the problem! I can't get the thing started! I have checked the sparks, both plugs OK. I have stripped down the carb, no signs of any varnish or gumming up. Fuel is getting to the carb, no blockages anywhere in the system that I can see.

Mariner 6hp Manual Fuel

download Timberwolf Repair Manual here. The choke primer appears to work fine. Before my arm falls off, can any of you knowledgable souls help me out with any suggestions? In anticipation. Re: Mariner 6hp 1996 starting problems One thing I don't understand about starting fluid is this: motors are designed to be started from cold without the use of ether or any other additive. If the motor won't start, then there is something wrong somewhere. Zangwill Solution Manual download free.

Surely the use of starting fluid will just hide that fault. In which case, if I start using it I will have to continue using it. I don't think I'm prepared to do this on an engine with so few hours on it. I need to find the reason why the engine isn't able to start and solve that. Ok, I realise straightaway that it's not the done thing to reply to an old post, particularly one that's over ten years of age! However, I do have a good reason. I've now bought the boat from 'Giles' (Nidri240) that he bought in 2005.

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