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Mott Flail Mower Parts Diagram

I bought this Mott flail mower (also called Mott Hammer Knife) used for $250. Subaru Forester 2008 Workshop Manual download here. download Sigma Escalator Troubleshooting Manual. I rebuilt the gearbox, installed new blades (180 of them), and painted it.

Flail Mower Replacement Parts ®Flail-Master has manufactured top quality flail mower parts for more than 30 years. We take pride in making sure all of our parts meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ (O.E.M.) specifications while offering them to.

I probably put another $250 into it for the parts. It is 74' wide and weighs about 1200 lbs according to the manual. Linde 393 Operators Manual download on this page. It is a finish mower but it is very heavy duty and I have used it for mowing 4ft tall weeds and thistle which it cuts down easily. I would not use it for mowing woody brush like small trees because the blades are not heavy enough. It's a neat mower and does not throw rocks like my 7ft rotary cutters does. I like how it does not hang way out from the tractor which makes it nice for turning and not worrying about hitting anything. It is smooth running and I have not had any issues with it for a few years now.

Suzuki Rf 600 Repair Manual download free on this page. I mow with it 4 times a year or so. Powering the mower is my 1966 John Deere 2020.

It is about 50hp and does not have any trouble with this mower.

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