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SPREADER-SETTING GUIDE STEP APPLY IN. Broadcast Spreader 12.5 Scotts AccuGreen Drop Spreader ©2017 Zamzows, Inc.

• Backside of spreader) (inside hopper) Wire Rest Rotary Disk EdgeGuard Feature Assembly Using the EdgeGuard Feature To activate EdgeGuard feature, slide lever to “On” position, on Raise the top half of the backside of the spreader. Handle to the upright position and tighten the wing nuts by hand. The EdgeGuard Feature blocks off the right side of the spreader pattern to prevent product from spreading onto non-lawn areas. The EdgeGuard patented design automatically adjusts the flow rate to ensure even application. Spreader with EdgeGuard in the off position. © 2011 The Scotts Company LLC. World rights reserved.

• QUICK START GUIDE Scotts ® Turf Builder ® EdgeGuard ® MINI Broadcast Spreader Quick Start Instructions: Fill hopper with When finished, Scotts® lawn product of sweep stray particles your choice back onto lawn area. 1994 Chevy Truck 3500 Repair Manual download free. If product lands on any hard surface such as a driveway, sidewalk, or road, sweep the product back onto the lawn to keep it from being washed into the storm Turn orange rate dial to sewers and ultimately correct setting listed in surface waters.

Hyundai Accent2015 Manual download free here. The Spreader Setting section on the back of Never leave product in each package of Scotts the spreader. Pour leftover.

Scotts Spreader Manual

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