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2 This product was used to control a couple of different heating zones on a hot water system (both radiator and in-floor). download free Physics Principles And Problems Manual on this page. The heating differential cannot be adjusted enough to allow this product to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. download free 2017 Freightliner Classic Xl Service Manual there.

It's only adjustable to 1 or 2 degrees which means that the temperature must fall 2 or 3 degrees before the boiler is activated which means that by the time the water is heated and making it way through the floor or the radiators the folks in the house are feeling cold. Cold in MN Minnesota 2010-10-31 No 24v Heat Only Digital Thermostat (50-86F). Q&A: Ask the Questions, share answers how do you adjust the temperatature differential to 1 degree frank 2015-02-17 There are four jumpers above the wiring terminals on the thermostat. Remove the second jumper from the top to change to 1 degree differential. 2015-03-12 SupplyHouse Staff what exactly does the battery do? I have one of these thermostats and i noticed the battery wasn't even installed and the unit still seemed to work OK dunc 2014-11-11 The battery on this unit serves as a backup power supply in case of power interruption to save the settings on the thermostat. It may be possible to use the unit without the battery however in a power loss the settings will be lost.

2014-11-12 SupplyHouse Staff Is this stat wired for two or three wire zone valves? 2011-09-10 This thermostat is wired for 2-wire zone valves. 2011-09-12 PexSupply Staff 2 wire 2012-06-19 Tom This thermostat can be used with two, three or four wire zone valves. 2013-01-23 Repete how do i get this thermostate to read in celcuis instead of ferinheight? Subaru Forester User Manual download on this page. 2011-01-04 To change to celcius display, you must activate the first jumper on the dip switch inside the thermostat. 2011-02-08 PexSupply Staff.

Tac Thermostat Manual

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