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Fasa Star Trek Ships

Starship Construction Manuals MANUAL FILE VERSION Last Updated Master Equipment List 5. download Airbus Wiring Standard Manual. 1 8/9/2017 Extra Info Calculator 1.1 1/1/2013 Construction Aids TITLE NOTES FILE VERSION Last Updated Starship Construction Workbook – Fleet Version An excel spreadsheet that allows the quick construction of a multiple vessels. 7.0 6/15/2017 FASA Ship Construction Worksheet Reprint of the original FASA Ship Construction Worksheet from 2nd edition Construction Manual 2.0 6/15/2017 Ship Construction Worksheet Beautiful adaptation of the FASA Ship Construction Worksheet 2.0 6/1/2013 Retro Style Sheet JPGS Below you’ll find JPG’s of the classic FASA Star Trek style sheets from the Starship Recognition Manuals. Simply down load the image and place it on the master sheet of a PowerPoint or Word document and drop in your own text boxes!

FASA Federation Ship Recognition Manual Volumes I and II Illustrator: Forest G. Brown Copyright: 1985 Summary: GENERAL NOTES: CLASSIFIED AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY The Federation Ship Recognition Manual is intended for Star Fleet personnel with a 'need to know' concerning information on the Star Fleet vessels. This comprehensive study discloses all known combat, visual, and historical data on 42 different Federation ships and their variants. download free Mazda Cx9 Repair Manual.

Also included is a chronology of service and silhouette recognition chart. This manual is a must for all Star Trek enthusiasts.

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