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Ford 550 Backhoe Repair Manual

Ford 550, 555 Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) Service Manual, Repair Book - Form No. SE 3993 Case Ford Loader Backhoe Tractor Service, Parts and Operators Manuals. Ford 550 leaking from converter Discussion in 'Ford. Look on the internet for service manuals. Ebay offers hard copies for about $100, and also CD's for about $10. If not a converter seal, it might be a transmission front seal leaking. Worst case scenario - replace torque converter, power reversing clutches, bearings, engine rear main seal, transmission front seal, freeze plugs, etc.

Hi, I am thinking of buying a backhoe instead of my David Brown 880. Have been and checking the Ford 550 -82 4wd. Looks to be a perfect machine for me, just the right size, however it is leaking oil from the torque converter, according to the seller started the leak after he had pushed it too hard. Leaks very fast, can’t test it. Have heard / read about and what I can see, there is a lot of work to dismantle the Ford, is there anything special I should consider? I have also heard that it requires precision when to 'compress' 'front of the cab,' and that it will screw the turbine later to avoid damaging it? What can be wrong if it is not the converter seal?

What’s the worst case scenario? Do somebody know the page with pictures where I can see how to take apart the Ford? Thank you in advance Fredrik.

Howdy Fredrik, The Ford 550 TLB was made from 1975-1978. Kubota Rx 2350 Service Manual download. So, it cannot be a 1982 model as stated. It might be a 555 model that was made from 1978 -???? The owner probably got the year wrong. You are looking at a relatively big job to split a TLB. Sage Erp Accpac Manual download free there. You have to wedge the front axle on both sides so it doesn't shift on you. You will need an overhead hoist to tilt the cab back.

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