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2 ROM SUMMARY Current Robotron Games use blue-label ROMs. Earlier games have either yellow or red-label ROMs, which are interchangeable and may. download free Honda Clone 125cc Engine Manual.

download free 2018 Volkswagen Eurovan Repair Manual. A programmable weld and machine controller for use in controlling a welding machine. download 2013 Individual Income Taxes Solutions Manual. The controller includes a central processing unit containing a stored control program connected to a memory which operates both the welding operation of the machine as well as the operation of the machine itself. The controller receives inputs from the machine in its various operational states as well as a data entry and display unit and a current monitor of the welding operation which generates outputs through a heat controlled output to activate a firing circuit to control the welding operation. Back-up of the memory program may be attained through an accessory port to a memory back-up storage unit. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates, in general, to welding and machine controls and, more specifically, to controllers for such weld and machine control operations.

Description of the Prior Art Programmable logic controllers (PLC) have long been used to control various automatic machine functions, such as actuation of solenoids, pumps, motors, etc. Such PLC's utilize a control program stored in a memory within the PLC which controls the sequence of operation of the machine through its various operation steps. The PLC control program is typically in a programmed electrical relay ladder diagram form. In a welding application, such as a spot welding operation which bonds two or more sheets of metal together, two electrodes are brought together on opposite sides of the metal sheet stack under pressure for a predetermined period of time and a high current is passed through the electrodes and the metal stack which creates a melting of the area of the metal stack between the electrodes based on the diameter of the electrode tips.

Robotron Weld Controls Manual Series 115

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