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Gs2 Ac Drive User Manual

Generally, there are dozens of function parameters in variable frequency drive (VFD), or even hundreds for option. In practical application, it is not necessary to set every parameter, most parameters can be keep factory default settings. Acceleration/deceleration time is the time required by output frequency from 0 Hz to the maximum frequency, deceleration time is from maximum frequency dropped to 0 Hz.

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Usually use the frequency setting signal rise and fall to determine the acc/dec time. It needs to restrict the rise rate of the frequency in acceleration during the electric motor start period in order to prevent over-current, and limit the frequency decrease rate in order to prevent over-voltage during deceleration period. Acceleration time setting requirements: limits the speed up current below the VFD's over-current capacity, make the over current speed loss don't cause the VFD drives tripped; The deceleration time set point is to prevent smoothing circuit voltage excessive, make regeneration overvoltage don't cause the variable frequency drive tripped. Acc/dec time can be calculated according to the load, but to practical experience it's better to set longer acc/dec time at the debugging, to see if there are over current or over voltage alarms during the electric motor start/stop; Then shorten the acc/dec time gradually base on the principle with no alarm in operation, repeat several times, you can determine the best acceleration and deceleration time. Torque boosting Also known as the torque compensation, it's to compensate the torque decrease in low speed for the stator winding resistance of the AC motor, by increase the low-frequency range of V/F. It's enable the voltage during acceleration goes up automatically to compensate the starting torque when it's set to AUTO, to ensure the electric motor accelerates smoothly. Adopting manual compensation, you can get better curve through test according to the load characteristics, especially the load starting characteristics. Suzuki Gsxr 750 K7 Manual download free.

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