Vx Commodore Differential Manual download free

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Differential Identification: Differential: 1) Fill Plug (30mm) 4) Drain Plug (15mm) Specified Fluid: Note: Castrol product information sheet (on their website) states that SAF-XA contains the additive 7098. Kubota Mini Excavator Operators Manual download. Tools: • Fluid • 7098 additive (if required) • Sockets o 15mm o 30mm • Torque Wrench / Ratchet • Container (Min 2L) • Thread Sealant • Paper Towelling / Cloths Operation: 1. Clean around the 2 plugs. Take the vehicle for a drive, you will need to drive it longer than 20 minutes to get the fluid warm.

Vx Commodore Differential Manual

The Holden Commodore (VX). Limited slip differential and an eight-cylinder engine were all made. Speed manual transmission. SS: Based on Commodore SS.

Park the vehicle on level ground. Undo the filler plug. download Pr 24 Baton Training Manual torrent there.

(insure that this done before the drain plug to not only equalise the pressure for better flow but also if you cant undo the filler plug once you’ve drain the fluid then you cant refill it. download free John Paul Jackson Manual. ) 5. Loosen the drain plug, then slide the container beneath the differential, then completely unscrew the drain plug. Note: You may what to wear eye protection as the oil will obviously be warm but will contain a metal. Inspect and clean both plugs, if any are damaged, replace. (If not, go to step 13) 7. Refit drain plug. Torque specification: 30Nm.

Fill differential through the filler hole with an undiluted quantity of the recommended fluid (plus 7098 if required) until it flows back out the filler hole. Refit filler plug.

Torque specification: 30Nm. According to Castrol’s website it states to drive the vehicle for a minium of 1 to 2 hours to achieve the most effective flushing. While driving, stop and inspect diff to insure neither plugs are leaking. Repeat steps 3-6. Apply thread sealing tape to the drain plug. Note: Thread sealant tape is not commonly used now days for sealing drain plugs.

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