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As required by SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regs. Aci Field Testing Technician Manual download there. 15 (Fire Training Manual) and 16 (Fire Safety Operations). Our Fire Training Manual has been specifically prepared for the marine industry, is fully illustrated, and is clearly presented across approx. This manual is considered by many to have become the international industry-standard, and is used in commercial shipping fleets around the world. The 3rd edition (English), published in August 2017, provides a comprehensive update, incorporating the significant changes made to SOLAS-II, and now including extensive cross-referencing to the Consolidated SOLAS (2014, and later amendments to January 2016) and other IMO Codes.

The 2nd edition (2011) is also available in Spanish, Russian and French, and has been prepared by professional translators (working in their native tongue and familiar with maritime language). Key Features / Benefits: • Meets the requirements of SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regs. 15 and 16 • Covers all the common ship-board fire-fighting equipment and techniques - takes the hard work out of preparing your vessel's training material • The ship's operator completes the final section of the manual with specific details for that particular vessel, so that the manual now becomes dedicated to that vessel • Presented in an A4-size loose-leaf binder, to enable easy updating and the insertion of other documents appropriate to that vessel as necessary • Available in 4 languages: English (3rd ed. 2017), Spanish (2nd ed. 2011), Russian (2nd ed. 2011) and French (2nd ed. • The English edition includes extensive cross-referencing to the Consolidated SOLAS (2014, and later amendments to January 2016) and other IMO Codes • Enables consistency throughout a fleet, and enhances the professional image of the owners and operators Our July 2018 brochure 'A Brief Guide to our Marine Publications for SOLAS and Non-SOLAS Vessels' can be downloaded here: [Opens a.pdf file.] [Opens a.pdf file designed to print onto 3 sheets of A4 paper, which can then be centre-folded to form an A5-sized booklet. You may need to adjust your printer settings, to print double-sided (flipped on the short edge).] Specifications. download free Trizit Rizzoni Solution Manual on this page.

Basic Oregon Fire Fighting Training Manual

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