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Comprehensive, structured and easy to follow workshop service manual for your vehicle. This manual has been designed to meet the needs of OEM technicians worldwide.

R33 Gtst Manual

Guide: Auto to manual wiring After making a automatic to manual gearbox conversion, you have to do the wiring. On the manual gearbox there is 3 sensors/switches: A speed sensor that tells the speedo your speed. A neutral switch, that tells the ECU when you are in neutral, and gives a better idle. A reverse switch, that turns on your reverse lights.

The speed sensor is the one closest to the engine, then comes the reverse switch and then the neutral switch. When you removed the automatic gearbox wiring loom, you noticed that the loom split in to two directions, just behind the starter.

The cable that goes up just after the starter is the speedo sensor, and the other thicker part ends up right next to the fusebox. The speed sensor fits right into the plug on the manual gearbox, so no modifications there. The thick cable splits out into 4 connectors. The top one is 2 fat wires. These 2 must be connected somehow. This is a safty mechanism to prevent the car to be started in anything but Park. Air Tractor 602 Manual download.

download Weatherford Well Pilot Manual torrent. Connecting these overrides that. download free Caprice 2015 Manual here. The next one from the top contains the neutral and reverse switch. The black wire is ground The green wire is reverse The white wire is neutral I like only to have the cables that is needed on my car, so i took the loom a part, so i only had the 3 wires from the connector in the engine bay, to the gearbox.

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