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Posted on by Winchester Model 37 - 37A - 370 - 840 Do Everything Manual: Sports & Outdoors. Winchester Model 37 - 37A. October 20, 2014. Winchester Model 37a 20 Gauge Manual manual how to tear down a winchester model 37 - youtube 89 kenworth t800 parts manual winchester 37a for sale buy winchester 37a.

Winchester made the Model 37 in the United States from 1936 to 1963. These guns had no serial numbers. In 1961, Winchester bought the Cooey plant in Canada and made guns under the Winchester name there until 1971. As far as I know there are no serial number-year made tables for these guns. If you are just dying to know. I guess you contact Winchester and ask them. The address is: U. 1997 Chrysler Cirrus Service Manual download free. S.

Repeating Arms Company Inc. Administrative Offices Morgan, Utah Customer Service: 800 945 1392 Fax: 801 876 3737. The Winchester Model 37A was introduced in 1973 and stayed in the line until Winchester closed the old Cooey plant in Cobourg,Ontario,Canada in 1979.It was an upgraded Winchester Model 370 that was also produced in the Cobourg,Ontario,Canada plant from1968 until 1972.

Winchester Model 37a

Both the Winchester Model 37A and 370 were versions of the old Cooey Model 84 introduced in 1948. I have never seen serial number manufacture dates for any of these shotguns. _________________ 28 Ga. Society htts://www. download Ca Post Training Manual. Thanks again, the history is slim on these guns. My father had this gun in his pickup when he died.

Bosch Wff 2017 Washing Machine Service Manual download more. It and a 30-30 was all he ever owned at the farm. I remember he could bring some sq's out of the highest trees and turkeys were flopped by it. The stock was battered and a lot of surface rust was on outside. I took it down and stripped and reblued, sanded and restained the stock, put a decel pad on it and replaced the plastic piece between the barrel and recv with a metal one. Looks real nice and the full choke 32' barrel makes it quite a shooter. Took a nice tom last year with it at 45 good paces with 3in #4's---he flopped but once! Wanted to know the history to record for the grandkids.

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